Its all about need , never about love

The people have driven the crap out of romance these days. When I here words like commitment, romance and true love, I don’t feel hatred, I don’t feel remorse I feel sympathy for those who are driving themselves into such wild hallucination. Love exists but only in rare forms, it is an endangered species, an element whose abundance is reduced so that it is on the verge of becoming extinguished.

It is never about love, it is always about need. Be it a man or a women, humans have a need of a companion , this was why Adam ate the apple and mated Eve and  it’s the same reason why all his descendents follow his path. Relationships are all filled up with crap philosophies of soul mates, live long togetherness and unbeatable true love. I am however constantly reminded that it is just a need. A need to find someone who understands you the way you want to, someone who can be your companion for your times of desolation. When the need dies out the love will die out. People generally go for the opposite sex for his personal sexual desires and it has nothing to do with love! It is again just a need.

My personal experiences aren’t enough to judge the world for this matter but I have seen enough through the eyes of my acquaintances in the world! A guy can be everything for a girl for the time when that girl needs him to be there for her , same way applies to the guys side! A guy will say all crappy romantic things to his girlfriend to make her realize and prove his love, but it won’t mean a thing if she doesn’t need him. Girl can sacrifice everything (even the conservative one sacrifices her virginity at times) but it won’t mean a penny to the guy if he is just in for a fling! That’s how the world is and how it should be understood.

I recently had a close talk to one of my cousins. He had an interesting story. He had been with this girl in his college for a long time , he  says its been 3 years , they were apparently in true love and ‘meant ‘ to be together.  If you are talking about love then where does that phrase ‘meant to be’ come in , is it about luck or love! Now his story goes that they entered a drastic change of going into long distance phase, another misnomer I can’t understand , if you are ‘soul mates’ then where does distance come into play. My cousin had the courage enough to let his heart ponder into the wildness of hallucination. And his so called ‘girlfriend’ pondered into some other wildness, they met other desires and pardon me but I didn’t understand most of the terminology he used but the gist was that they needed space for themselves. Isn’t that something they should have realized somewhere before! What I wonder is if they were so close as they tell me, if they had such an understanding then what is space and time for them. Whatever be the level of closeness between them they should not be losing out for causes of pressure of time , space and the rest of the crap things. I always looked at my cousin and thought well he is courageous he is venturing into love and emotions, now I feel he was a fool hardy.

If you look closely at the story you would agree with me that it’s not love that matters anymore let alone if it exists but what matters is need. People need to wake up from dreams of romance and fantasies born out of folklore legends and baseless television stories. It is not about love its always about need. The best form of love is perhaps that between a parent and a child and probably that between friends. Relationships suck big time and the sooner the people realize it the sooner the world will achieve its meant to be romantic mood!

As all my posts these is just my personal opinion and please pardon me for my aggressive language. You are free to think whatever you want, where you go is upto you.

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