The brighter side of the seven deadly sins

The bible and various other mythical and religious documents enlist the seven deadly sins to be wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony , and from the ancient times this has been believed thoughtlessly and classifying every man of the modern age as a sinner!
Take a moment to think about these so called sins. They are not bad! Just think about it , how are lives would be and how boring and uneventful it would get if we could not express or witness anger , greed , lust , pride and vanity , laziness! It would be a mundane life and earth would be devoid of any character. It is precisely these sins that help us to classify us as humans. Can we make out if our pet dog is feeling greedy or can we tell if the crocodile is vain of his beauty. But we as humans have been given by God the right to express such characters and hence take a new look at these ‘sins’ , they shape us to be who we are. If Adam had not been greedy and lustful there would never have been any evolution of mankind. If there wouldn’t have been envious rulers throughout the history of mankind , civilizations wouldn’t have bee n able to develop into its present state. In a way it seems that these sins are perfectly necessary for humans to lead a life that God had intended for.
If this be true then it leads us to a far greater question , one of importance to me and the youth of today , why do we follow stuff written ancient archaic manuscripts blindly without questioning them. Why is it that we tolerate nuisances that handicap society and are directly borne out of customs and ‘rules’ that were written for the ages of ‘Rama’ and have no significance or practicality in today’s world. Take a moment think about it … every custom followed is made out of writings in the Bible , the Bhagwad Gita , Quran and other writings of the ancient age and just like the seven deadly sins should have deeper meaning to it else following them is a waste. If the latter be the case following them is probably the biggest ‘sin’ that any one of us can commit in todays age. The seven sins of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony are not sins they are reminders that we have something in us that makes us different from animals and other living beings , they are traits that guide us to move forward as the world progresses and adapt to the change ; in a way it is the base of psychological evolution and emotional development of the species called homo sapiens.
This is just an opinion coming from me and i am sure i will have thousands of adversaries regarding this matter , but all i want is to urge the people of the world to try and look at religion and traditions and culture from a more practical angle and to analyse what really is right and what is wrong , what is virtuous and what is a sin!

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