Bureaucracy – the power of theater


Sometimes you realise what true theatre is.

I shall be of course exaggerating a lot here with my expression ( just for the purpose of making it a good read and not because I want to prove my point) but do mind that the feeling and opinion is totally honest.

Now my readers will be confused as to how I end up thinking such shitty matters on the eve of an end term exam, so let me give a little brief intro. Well I happen to be to a theatre just few minutes ago. Imagine a room filled with people who are your well known acquaintances , people who you know inside out (especially if you are a behaviour psychology crack pot like myself). Now imagine them sitting in front of you. Some standing ofcourse. And you can recognise them, and then all of a sudden you realise that they are someone else. Or rather discover that they are actually the same , but wearing mask , then you realise you’re not actually talking to them, they are performing a theatre! A play where they are playing characters , stupid ones of-course but none the less their acting is good. Now comes the part that shocks me , this theatre is a part of their life! They serve it as a duty to spend more than 50% of their year time trying to be actors on stage performing concert and the theme is earthly bureaucracy and politics and money!

This drama went on for at least 40mins , a total waste of 60 mins ; 40 for the time that drama consumed from me and extra 20 which I am using in writing this article inspired by that event. In the end the issue to be solved that  was the requirement of the meeting ; still existed along with few other issues and requirements that got born , none of which can be solved within the near viscininty and although I am pretty sure the same could be covered in 5 mins of direct discussion and confrontation , I know not why take the bother of calling a ‘meeting’. Perhaps it adds to the flavour!

With the advent of educational brainwashing people have become so pathetically insanely similar to machines. There is no idea or curiosity about what talent or for that matter knowledge  is. What society means or what people are supposed or not supposed to do. Just like in the ancient times people are religiously following a white book and every thought outside the realms of that book is supposedly ‘illogical’. People have taken the pains to follow logic in such a pathetic way that people can prove illogical things to be correct and ‘right’ by applying logic!

Bureaucracy initially meant to bring rationality in system is vaguely mistaken for politics and have become nothing but means of wasting people’s time a bit more. Favours are mistaken for duties , rights borne out of skill and experience are mistaken for exercising monopoly for making profits. One act of professionalism is mistaken for an excuse for others to be used as example of introducing arrogance. People are so poorly lost in the system that they lose the sense of that important thing I like to  call ‘common sense’. A rule once written by man himself has become so freakishly rigid that man himself cannot alter it despite having an intelligent proof of the fact that that rule doesn’t apply in certain conditions. A rule has to be written down to define how man must use his skill and talent. There has to be definite ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ , black and white , people forget about that grey area. People have started talking about professionalism without thinking about maturity. People emphasise on righteous behaviour without knowledge of humanity.

It was a 40 mins of non-stop entertainment. A theatre , which by the time it ended showed me how sad things are in life today, how I am living amongst people (which includes me as well) who have got lost in a maze…. Sometimes you just feel lost and alone yourself…

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