The right side of wrong!


Have you ever wondered how we as a human race tend to judge other humans very quickly? Within moments of a particular incident , we are capable of designating a title of a ‘good man’ to a fellow who has for that moment done a good act. And yet carelessly we often might call him a ‘bad man’ if he at some other point of time doesn’t do something ‘good’. The same man maybe a hero in the eyes of one person and a devilish villain in the eyes of another. But what is rather strange is that the same phenomenon can occur with great frequency even to those who are close to us(sentimentally , emotionally , physically).

Over a certain period of time people have often judged me for what I believe in or what I do. People who have criticized certain acts of mine and people who have formed their own opinions and assumptions about the type of person I am. I don’t blame them for I too often judge people but unlike so many others I do keep room for my own biases and always give the benefit of doubt to the concerned person. However recently I have found that some people are far too busy thinking of others , too busy to have opinions about everyone else and without any room for their biases will ascertain with full confidence and that too publicly that I am at ‘fault’ . Well I hate to burst their bubbles but no one knows me better than myself. Simple as that , because I live with myself , I see myself 24 x 7 and if you think you know me better then simply put you are a fool. No offence to the ones who have played a role to bring out such musings from but in plain and simple language if I have to tell how I feel about you I would see that I simply despise you and that you repel me. I am really grateful to the few close friends that I have made in my life so far who know me very well to the extent that they should and never judge me spontaneously and rather try and understand me as much as they can. I really owe a lot to them.

It really is hard to speak about such things without being blunt and rude straight forward , something that won’t be acceptable in a public platform , so I have put together a few words that might bring out my thoughts on the matter.

How many times would you throw me down ?

Calling me and preaching that I am wrong

For all you see is the dark of the soul

And carefully ignore , the right side of wrong


We aren’t saints , nor are we priests

But adventurous souls are humans indeed

The choice we make is a burden on our souls ,

But we act and fulfill  the  moment’s need.


You say I have no heart , and that I am inconsiderate ,

But what good is a heart that doesn’t pump blood but thinks

My mind is what drives my life , and it carefully chooses

The path that should be chosen , from the one that stinks


You play by your rules , and you play your game ,

For your life is in a pool  , with toys around

And mine is in the ocean ,

Where my feet can never tough the ground


I play my games , by the whims of the heart

And I sail by the seas that brings me  the sunset

But at least I am free from the shackles and the bonds,

And my mind , heart and soul is always at rest.


There is a good in every man alive , a bad and the ugly too

It’s a  question of how you see and judge their deeds

For there is no black nor a white

But there are a thousands shades of grey indeed


Hiding the pains , and the glories alike ,

You cannot know me for I wear a mask .

But don’t judge what you cannot see

A better perspective is all I ask.


I am not right , but neither are you

But I can live with my self , but can you?

Look inside and you will see , a hidden flaw

A monster in you


Take what you can and give nothing back,

Lead your life and take a chance,

There is no right and there is no wrong

But we all do steps to a different dance


Take a look at the dark side of right,

There is a good side to the wrong

For there is brightness even on the dark side of the soul

And please don’t ignore the right side of wrong


“No one knows me better than me… because i live within me”


(the image used in the post is sourced from the internet and publicly available for download)

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