The curse of surviving


You smile only when they ask you to smile,

Laugh or just put on a grin.

For them, you will walk that mile

Plastic smiles are but a dreadful sin.

You cry when they expect you to cry,

Show off pain you don’t even feel.

Every day is a race against time,

No matter how you look, it is a devil’s deal.

You get angry when they put down,

Gulp it up and you bear the pain.

Days go by without a smile but just a frown,

They will steal your purpose and life will be in vain.

They aren’t any words to express your sorrow

A hope, which will blow off tomorrow.

An hour today is worth a thousand in a lifetime

You gave up your soul in return for a dime

Death is inevitable

But living is a choice

The day you cease to survive,

You will know you have a life.


“Surviving is a skill , but living is an art”


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