Playing for Keeps


After a hard day of work , there are certain thoughts that run through your mind and it is always refreshing to put them down into a verse. It is even more refreshing when your close friend (who happens to be an amazing musician) is able to give the verse the perfect music just like the sounds you could hear in your head while you were putting the words down with a pen. Special thanks to my dear friend Kshitij who composed this into a melody. I would be uploading an audio recording of the same soon. Stay tuned


As I walk up these lonely city streets

Scouting peace and playing for keeps

There’s a thousand faces that I can see (in the darkness)

Paper smiles and none so deep


As I swim these waters against the tides

There’s a thousand creatures living inside

So pull me down I want to drown (in my sorrows)

So many lives but none with peace…


A thousand street lights

And scores of waving tides


I’ve fought the… Poseidon…





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