Open up that Door


Is there a road that has been walked many times,

That you can’t walk it anymore?

Is that your home where thousands have lived,

That you can stay no more?

Do you have dream that others have denied,

That you count on hope  all the more?

Is that your food that others have spoilt,

That you can’t eat it anymore?

Is there a thing that people lust so much,

That you can love it no more?

Is there a fight that you’ve lost too many times,

That you long for peace, all the more?

You can walk for long but never alone,

Have a house but can’t call it your home.

You can dream, but never for your own….

You can feed, but not forever

You can love today but will lust forever,

You can fight, but win it never…

This your place, where you want to live,

And you need it evermore.

One life is, all you got,

Make it worth a lot more.

This is your life, you got live it right,

Just open up that door.

Open up the doors.


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