Into the Blue

I have always been inspired by Steve McCurry’s work and ever since I saw his pictures from Jodhpur I longed to visit that city in Rajasthan (west India). For many tourists and travelers Jodhpur consists of a visit to the famous fort, the clock tower and the markets but for me the much awaited moment during my visit was strolling around the small streets of old Jodhpur. The city popularly known as the Blue city is however a misnomer, since a major part of the city is actually a mix of red and yellow (so much for marketing tourism!); however most of the households near the old city has preserved its traditional blue color. The blue color helps in reflecting sunlight and keeping the house cool during the hot summers, but I felt it also represents peace and simplicity which are the aesthetic essence of Rajasthani households.

I was in search of capturing an image as a tribute to the famous photographer (McCurry) and was trying desperately to chance upon a scene which resembled one of his images. But what I saw and observed was the every day lives of the people residing in that area, and there in lies the sublime beauty of the place and that is probably what McCurry captured by his own approach and methods. I ended up with just a handful of images that to me summed up my experience of exploring the Blue City!




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