Around the World in Fifty Shots

Print Version Available on : Around the World in 50 Shots : Paperback, First Edition

This is a story about experiencing the diversity and culture that exists in the world through a series of portraits. The photographer uses the medium of portrait photographs coupled with an amusing ordeal of drinking shots from souvenir shot-glasses to express a journey across many different country, culture and lifestyles.
The book is aimed at serving as a personal diary of the author and his friends during his year at Madrid where he was accompanied by people from around the globe while pursuing higher studies. Yet, the personal aspect of the book also drives a heart warming story centred around people, their lifestyles and cultures.
The physical publication of the book is an addendum to the original exhibition and is designed to serve as a memorabilia for the people in the photograph and also as an interesting piece of artwork which can add to one’s collection of photobook or serve as a ice breaker in cafes, bars and other public places designed around the theme of travel and amusement. The immersive Ezine is a special edition for non-collectors to experience the story through a digital medium.

Special thanks to all the people who have contributed to this project and idea. Hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to contact me for individual copy of the images in the book.

My contact details are as follows:

Email : ,

Phone : +91 – 96500 74660


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